This website was originally created for two purposes ...

  1. To document the journey of a remarkable, energetic young woman who needed new lungs to breathe well again.
  2. To help financially by contributing to Hélène's living expenses in Toronto.

(These points previously appeared in the first blog entry on this site)

Hélène is a resident of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada who was diagnosed in 2011 to need a double lung transplant. This procedure required Hélène to relocate to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a temporary, but extended, period of time.

     3.  Hélène, and the team responsible for this website, want to raise the awareness of organ donation registration and the importance of giving blood.

This third point will be the ongoing mission of, formerly known as

Give2Live ...

In addition, Hélène and her family have experienced the challenge of the transplant wait list. Hélène and her mom faced the expense of relocating to another city to be near the transplant hospital. Hélène's family want to help other families in the similar situation of needing to relocate to wait for an organ transplant. Visit for more information on this part of Hélène's journey.