A note from the webmaster

This website is being developed for two reasons:

  1. To document the journey of a remarkable, energetic young woman who now needs new lungs to breathe well again.
  2. As stated in the side bar, this site also permits those who want to help financially to contribute to Hélène's living expenses in Toronto.

The journey:
Hélène is gifted in the dramatic arts and other artistic skills ... she has a lot of potential to go far with these skills once she passes this hurdle. This site and this blog will keep Hélène's friends, family, and those who will meet her through this site up to date on this journey.

The costs:
Hélène's medical bills are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, but the costs of her temporary re-location to Toronto are not covered. In addition, her mom will take a leave of absence from her career as a nurse to accompany Hélène to Toronto. She will assist Hélène with her needs and care for her before and after the operation. The rest of the family (her father and three siblings) will stay in Ottawa.

Toronto is a very expensive city to live in, even on a temporary basis. This is especially true when it is a second residence and the family income is effectively halved.

Please note that donations are not tax deductible and no receipt will be issued. You will, however, be making a huge impact in helping out this family.

This Blog:
You will be hearing mostly from Hélène from this point on in the blog. Her mom may take over from time to time depending on Hélène's health status, and after the transplant while Hélène recovers.