Webmaster techy stuff

The "A Lung Story" website went live about 24 hours ago.  In the first day the site had over 200 unique visitors, and over 2000 page views.

Please use the "Contact" page to let me, the webmaster, know if you see any typos or experience any bugs in the site.

There is one known problem with the Google Plus (+1) buttons. The Google +1 button on the home page works fine. However the buttons on other pages produce content snippets containing navigation button headings instead of page or blog entry text. This is a known problem with the host site. The Google Plus comment you make and the link back to the originating site page or blog post both work fine.

The Facebook and Twitter buttons appear to be functioning properly.

Enough tech talk ... what about Hélène?!? She has not been feeling too well in the last day or so. Her first blog entry may be a few days away. You will, however, probably see tweets from Hélène in the "A Lung Story Twitter Feed".

Of course, comments are welcome!

The webmaster