Español 101

(Note: Posted by the webmaster for Hélène via e-mail)

I never know what to blog about so I have decided to blog about almost everything. For those of you who didn't know, I have been taking spanish lessons every morning. When I went to Barcelona to study Spanish, I made quite the impression on a teacher, Alberto. Now, we spend 20 minutes each morning on skype improving my spanish.

How it all began... I signed into facebook and *beboop* I got an instant message.

"Alberto: Hola Helene! ¿Qué tal todo? I´m writting you to make you an offer!! I´m going to make a Spanish learning podcast, and need a student to make the programs and show how you can improve in the language with the right training. You are funny, clever and willing to learn, so, would you like to do the podcast with me? The only condition is to be able to do one program a day (15 to 20 minutes). From Monday to Friday. We can record it in the morning, before starting all the day jobs, or in the evening, before going to bed. How do you see it?

Hélène Campbell: Hola Alberto! I would love to help you out with that! I think it is awesome! When would you do this?

Alberto: Helene!! Well, we can start tomorrow! Mi idea is start with a "start learning Spanish in 10 lessons", so we would start out with the very basics...and see what we can achive in 10 lessons :D:D. Add me in Skype! and we can talk about it!!"

Since then, I have been improving my spanish and more importantly, I've been helping out a friend.

I won't be able to skype this week because I don't have wifi in my apartment, so the podcasts aren't complete yet but I'll post the link when they're ready. :)

So if any of you want spanish lessons, I'll be on skype between... Haha just kidding,

Hasta pronto amigos,