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(Note: Posted by the webmaster for Hélène via e-mail)

I'm finding it funny, how quickly I have been asked to slow down. Its crazy, in September my respirologist discussed treatment options - transplant being the last one. I knew it involved several unknowns, risks, relocation, and a lot of waiting but I honestly didn't think it would involve me.

I remember talking to Vince on skype, telling him 'they said if worst comes to worst I might need a transplant and I would have to move to Toronto, but I really doubt that will happen!'.

Well, here I am, driving around what now seems to be the centre of my universe. I'll be assessed this week for el double lung transplant. I don't really know what's next but will have more of an idea in a couple weeks, when all the results get back. Hoa baby I can't wait.

I'll try and blog these four days of assessments daily..

Hasta luego baby dolls,

ps did any of you catch the football giants game yesterday? gogiants...