I got the call from my transplant coordinator today and found out that I am possibility 1, which is “Yes, you are a transplant candidate and now is the recommended time for you to be on the list.” (The 4 possibilities are listed in the blog “Now… We wait” written by my wonderful mama). The next step is to relocate. Then I am to meet with a surgeon, if I feel ready sign some papers and then I will officially be on the list.

This means I will be making my way down to Toronto and I will stay there until I have new lungs and am healthy enough to leave the GTA (which could be anywhere between 3 to 6 months post transplant). I will be leaving Ottawa Thursday morning. This gives me time to pack and hopefully enough time (I say it is not but my parents think it is) to stalk up on Reese Peanut Butter Bars. (best bars ever!)

 I’m feeling really good about this. I am one-step closer guys! Woohooo!

 I had a good day.

First of all, you can never go wrong when the first thing you smell in the morning is bacon. Mom, I love you. After some of that delicious yumminess I had Spanish and I learnt that “Puedes comer una vaca?” means “Can you eat a cow?”. That will be very useful when I am a candidate on ‘El Bachelorro’, which is the Spanish version of the bachelor by the way. (ha-ha just kidding)

Then I did my daily finger exercises, which involve typing away on Facebook (also known as some social not-working… oops I meant to say social net-working). That is when I got the call. I filmed it even ha-ha!

 I spent the next little while calling a few places to make some final appointments. I also called my good friend Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. We bonded over our obsession with Colin Firth… Sorry guys, I am getting a little carried away here…

 I was in the middle of a Skype call with Vince when my oxygen provider came to the door.  Hats off to Ian M, my oxygen guy over at Motion Specialties. Honestly, if it were not for him, I would not be breathing so well! He has been on top of things since day one. He is the kind of person that if asked to deliver a television, he would not only install it, but he would bring over a blue ray player and some planet earth so you could really enjoy your new television. See what I’m getting at here? He is awesome and I will be sad to leave him but it is for a good reason. We got to enjoy some apple pie, vanilla ice cream and earl grey tea today.  We have had many visits like today’s in the past but it hit me today that I will not be getting them as often in Toronto. I really want to take this time to thank you, Ian!

After Ian left I had a surprise visit from two super smiley girls, Liana and Chantal. Just seeing them made me so happy, and on top of that joy they brought me a French vanilla from Tim Hortons. One of my favorite things, I had not had one since November – when they were 1$ for a medium (such a good deal!). It made me so happy! I love moments like that. I wanted to teach them how to play cribbage but for some reason (especially after a French vanilla) my ability to focus was diminished, and so we just talked and talked.

My cell phone rang and it was my Respirologist. I was thrilled to tell him “I’m going to the center of the universe on Thursday!”. I haven’t talked about him much in my blog but he plays a huge part in this whole journey. He has been there for me since meeting me in Emerge and he is the reason things have been moving so swiftly and smoothly. He really is great, big hugs! 

That’s my day so far, which brings me to now. I am going to be busy the next few days – packing and all that fun stuff.

Hasta pronto bebe~ 




(I was supposed to post this yesterday!)