Happy New Year! 

Can you believe its already January 2nd2012? I Campbelieve it! Time flies. This year is going to be very different from the last one; I can surely say that much as it already is. First of all, you can always find me, I am no longer driving (the streets are safe again), my room is clean (for now), I lost my phone, and I am blogging! Quite the opposite of last yearHa ha

 I promised people I would blog as often as I can, so I am making it a New Year resolution. 

 I always try to sum things up in one word, so for the year 2011, I think it would be wise to use "erratic" to better describe it. I could never predict what my next move would be. I thinkit’s been a really big reality check though; as much as we try to control our lives, we can't always do it.

I got a car, a part time job, drove to New York with my family all crammed in a Mazda 5, learned Spanish in Spain, took the train from London, England up to Scotland, tried black pudding, met some very interesting people, found out that I had bad lungs, and fell in love with a body pillow called “Sir Loin… If my 2011 had a tagline, it wold be "expect the unexpected"  

I think I could say this even without the health changesIt’s funny, my grade 8 English teacher once said "your lives will not be determined by what happens to you, it’s all about how you react to what happens" -v.rod. I can't remember why he said it, but I emailed it to myself and found it going through my old emails under 'fav quotes'.

 Little did I know that I would be putting those words into practice… I know that what I’ll say next can sound very corny; a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. I've been living it! Being happy, is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results. I am walking and talking proof.

 People have been so positive and so supportive toward me in such an uplifting way. I wouldn't be who I am without each and every one of you.

My dad’s grade 4-5 split class made a gingerbread village for me and named it "Helene's House of Hope". They each wrote encouraging letters; some even included riddles and puzzles to keep me busy. They also made a response video with the help of the amazing 'Mme Awesome'.  

My respirologist showed this website to his children, they decided to draw me a lovely picture of a colourful fish and wrote "Hope you feel better soon Hélène" and I have not even met them yet. I do have a beautiful picture of them posted on my white board, next to their fish drawing.

I have received many encouraging words, stories have been shared and I wish to thank all of you who have written to me through the website.You are part of my support network which is the best!  You guys are amazing! Friends - old and new, family - from far and wide, coworkers and managers - from Barrhaven Dairy Queen (we be blizzin) to The Ottawa Hospital staff -Riverside Dialysis Unit, Riverside Nephrology and HDU Departments, General Campus:  Dialysis Unit, PACU unit, Respiratory/Thoracic/Neuroscience /6N and C2 Clinics; many of you don’t even know me but have worked with my mother many years ago and for your kindness I have no words; to all of you out there that have taken the time to read my story and then had enough courage to share with me your story, to The Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario staff, to friends and neighbours, to our church; many of you have reached out and have encouraged us in so many ways. Of course, I will not forget Taber Bucknell (and his family), my webmaster. Without his dedication, excellent work ethics, expertise and love for our family, this site would not exists.  People from all over have rallied together and keep being so helpful and awesome during this timeIt’s so encouraging. 

 Many are asking "what can we do to help"? So what I’m now answering to them is that “I am  trying to raise awareness toward organ and blood donations and  would like to get morepeople to sign their donor cards! Be a donor!" It’s not something we think about until it involves us one way or another. Bruce Deachman wrote a magnificent 12 parts series on this subject for the Ottawa Citizen and called it "the Gift". I have cried reading each one so far. It is about people who have gone through this process of either donating from a loved one or receiving a second chanceI have been blessed to read about it and to know that this could also be my story one day.  His title "the Gift" sums up this series so wonderfully. Give them a read if you have a chance, and if you're like me, grab a box of tissues :) You can visit the writings at:


Love ya lung time,