Busy Busy Keeping Busy

Wow, another week, gone. Here is mine, in a nutshell.


Monday: My day started with a wake up call, it was a lovely radio station, otherwise known as the hot 89.9. Poor Mauler admitted to ignoring his family for the weekend because he was so dedicated to tweeting about the campaign. Mauler! You are a machine! I bought a new coat, jeans and a scarf.  We went to Ikea and Costco. Got a few things to make the apartment a little homier, and bought some food to make my belly a little happier. Got a few calls from the media, the most interesting one was from Germany.


Tuesday: I met my medication specialist, and then I met with the transplant coordinator. On the way home I bought some boots to match the coat I got Monday and I got a fierce hat to give my new look that final touch. Now I look Supa Hawt! I spoke with Kelly Logan on the phone – trying to scheme our next big move.


*There may have been some additional snacking on Reese bars here and there, the occasional coffee break on the side, and me on my phone*


Wednesday, I met with Lisa MacLeod, my MPP and got a tour of Queens Park. She really is awesome. After meeting Lisa, I went to the hospital and met the surgeon, Dr. Pierre, and found out it was his birthday. Together, we signed the transplant procedure papers so the listing became official. After leaving the surgeon I boogied on down to Physio. It went well, was busy but good. I remind you it was Robbie Burns Day; a swig of whisky was a must. I am a Campbell after all.


Thursday morning, bright and early, I went to CBC. I did an interview, it was live and everything. Early morning glory! I like being up early. When I got back, I took a nap and then had breakfast at a place called Breakfasts. Then I had physio and got a walker! I was so exited! I love my walker. Its blue. I will post a picture of it on Flickr. It’s my baby; I have a license to drive it… By the time we got home, ate dinner and settled down it was late. Diner was tasty - always is (thanks mom) I relaxed, worked on my Final Cut Pro lesson and couldn’t stay up, so I went to bed.


Friday morning I spent hours on the phone with Bell – got my Internet service figured out and they came to install it yesterday – wooh wifi. I also got to meet Ronnie, CEO of Trillium and Leona, the wonderful person in charge of media relations over at Trillium Gift Of Life. It was neat; I got a tour of the place. Ronnie must have read my blog. She gave me Reese bars! I saw the room where they get the calls and met the team that works with the registries. They are doing an awesome job! It’s a cool place to work.


Weekend was a good time for us to catch up on a few things and rest. Yes, I do need to rest every now and then, so does my mom. It was also great to reconnect with a friend from a few summers past. We got to spend time with our friend Jen from Gracefeild and made new friends who kindly took us into their home. They made me feel like family, and their food was an open invitation to never leave. That was a blessed Sunday


Monday morning came faster then I wanted it too. I had (what I thought) an early start to my day; I was at the hospital from 730 – 1230. Long hospital days, I see this beginning to become a pattern. They took a picture of my belly, and then sent me off to physio so I worked out. I had a really bad headache. I usually do, but yesterday it was worse then usual. Manon and I went home and I took a nap. Then we got a call and before we knew it we were on our way to do a remote interview in studio for CTV. We got home just in time for the Bell guy to set us up with wifi. Then we made dinner, my mom wanted to check skype out and so she called the family. I was so tired I was falling asleep in the chair. My father (and brother) can testify. I went to bed. I was asleep by 9. Good thing because I had a big day ahead of me.


Tuesday aka Today was a nice long day. I woke up at 5 am and Mom and I left the apartment at 545. We had a driver – company car (ooh fancy) that brought us to the CTV studio in Scarborough and took part in the Canada AM news. I was there with my mom and joined Ronnie and Bev. They looked absolutely lovely. The conversation we had with the driver on the way back was most interesting. I really love meeting and talking to people. If I had a job where that’s all I did, I would never wish for Friday. We got back around 9 and it was time for breakfast. NEEDED COFFEE BADLY* Right before leaving for breakfast someone called asking if we would be home in a couple hours to receive a delivery. We arranged to be back for a certain time because we did not want to miss (what I thought) the sears delivery. Breakfast was delicious, and we were back in no time. I was reading an article in Macleans when there was a knock at the door.

My mother answered the door and I could hear a lady speaking French and I thought it was one of my aunts, surprising me. So I got up and started walking towards the door. To my surprise, it was not my aunt who had just walked in. It was Justin Bieber’s wonderful Grandparents. We had a lovely visit and, to my mother and I, they felt like family. Their compassion towards us, and their wish for a great outcome was uplifting and was way beyond anything I could have asked for.

Experiencing such moment’s make for unforgettable memories.

What great support! I have much to be thankful for.