Oh happy day

Oh happy day …

To all of you that continue to send us positive thoughts, words of encouragement and prayers, thank you!

Yes, the past few weeks have been challenging for Hélène and our family. It may still take some time before her level of energy fully returns and her kidneys regain their function. But, we were so encouraged to find out that her kidney troubles are not related to her anti-rejection medication (Tacrolimus).

The initial kidney biopsy report indicates that Hélène has Acute Interstitial Nephritis. In other words, her kidneys are inflamed. Two of Hélène’s medications are known to potentially cause this type of reaction. We also know that once those medications are stopped, her kidneys will most likely regain their normal function. So as you can imagine, we are very happy to hear this good news!

We have shared before, how the life of a transplant patient is not always smooth sailing. Yes, it can be quite bumpy, especially in the first year.  Adjustments to life style and medication treatments are frequently needed. And, every person’s body responds differently. To this reality, we have been well prepared. We are very thankful for all the excellent health care professionals that we’ve encountered.  Merci!

From the outpouring of tweets and Facebook messages, we can see that many of you are in for the ride with us. This kind of support is of great value and we are so appreciative. Hélène has repeatedly said that it lifts her up.  She is so thankful for people’s kindness (and so are we, her family). 

While experiencing these bumps and challenges, Hélène brings us back to reality with her words: “Hey, I’m alive!, I’m breathing without oxygen!, I have a second chance and I owe it to my donor and the donor family!”

As some of you may know, she has named her new lungs “Grrratitude: Attitude with a little Grrr”. They are a true gift and, seeing how Hélène daily lives by that principle of grrr…attitude humbly reminds us of the real values of life.