Howdy Do?

Howdy Do? - Someone I have never met taught me that saying. It sounds so positive and upbeat. I like it.

My health this week has been more of a challenge; I am not feeling as well. They put me on antibiotics and asked me not to do physio. I always feel cold. We are noticing some signs of a decreased oxygen intake. As a result I require a higher level of oxygen and now I feel short of breath doing some things (which I didn’t before).

For example, I tried to make coffee this morning, simple right? It took so much out of me to brew coffee this morning I couldn’t believe it. I enjoyed making coffee for my mom today but I think that is the last cup of coffee I make until I get my transplant. It was delicious though – a little strong; I think I put in 5 gracious spoonful’s of coffee grind instead of 4. I lost count.

I love my walker because it’s a seat 24/7, put on the breaks, and sit down. My walker has the label treadmill on it. Not too sure why. I didn’t put it there, I think my walker is up to something.

My week was :( health wise and emotionally, at times, it was :( too, but my spirits are up :)

I received a package yesterday with a card (of all days to receive this gift – yesterday was the perfect one. Trust me)

This is what the card said.

 “Hi Helene,

Thanks for your love of Reese! We do hope you enjoy this care package and that it might brighten up your stay in Toronto. Bon Appétit! 

You are truly and inspiration!

Lisa, On behalf of Hershey Canada”

It turns out they have been reading my blog and know I love Reeses. Talk about a great reason to keep smiling! Check out my tweet for the picture of the package they sent me. It will be mixed in with all the other @TheEllenShow #BeAnOrganDonor #GiveBlood tweets because we are still trying to get Ellen to talk about organ donation and giving blood. Imagine we did? If we did, I wouldn’t be able to do it without all your help. 

love you guys, honestly I have the best support in the land


Ps, I should start sharing my Reese Bars eh, its DeGeneres thing to do.

Also, I had a dream I went to the Juno awards and met the Queen. Boy oh boy did she love my dance moves. The chances of that happening are well; it won’t happen at the Juno awards because I cant leave Toronto and the Juno awards are in Ottawa this year. Shucks.