I keep hearing the saying. “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all”

How many of you practice that. I know I do. Now I shouldn’t be mentioning that after a dry spell of almost 2 weeks of no blog posts. You are all going to think I have nothing nice to say about being out here in Toronto. That’s not true. I have so many great things to say; if I had the energy I would be telling you about everything. Trust me, I want to. I am considering hiring an assistant so they can do the work while I eat Reeses! Haha! 

I’m off the antibiotic. I have restarted my physio, 3 times a week, and every Wednesday there is a support group, where patients on the wait lists and their support people can have a chance to talk. We meet and speak about anything and everything. I love it. I dont really have much of an appetite, but thats where the reeses, doritos and ketchup chips kick in.

Although my activities have been a little more limited due to my current health situation, I have not let it get me down. I will be honest, I don’t like not being in control but I am learning. It is all about compassion, patience, appreciation and most of all, I am learning about pride. I am a little too proud to admit I need help. I appreciate my walker and it’s a beauty but I have made the decision to get a wheel chair as well. I will be able to do that much more.

Last weekend my family came down to visit and it was absolutely wonderful. It was hard to see them leave, but I know they’ll be back soon (as soon as they show off their new clothes they’ll be dying to come back and get some more). Mary (my older sister) bought me a beautiful Owl Necklace and whenever I wear it I think of her.

It was Elizabeth (my younger sisters) 18th Birthday, we went to Potted Potter; (a Harry parody) and it was great. I honestly never thought I would say this but laughing is exhausting. I love doing it so I won’t stop. I have trained myself to laugh on the inside, so I kind of just sit there and shake – or it kind of looks like I’m hyperventilating. People are going to think I am a suffocating robot with nasal prongs.

When I was in the hospital around Halloween my brother told me to about The Hunger Games. I finished the book and will be taking David (my brother) to the Premiere of the movie, compliments of Ellen DeGeneres.  (THANKS ELLEN! CANT WAIT) David and I don’t know what to wear yet. He’s going to be my date. I am looking forward to that.

I want to say thank you, again, for the endless support, love, and encouragement. I am surrounded by kindness and positive energy. 

As you all support, love, pray and hope for me to get my lungs, I would like to dedicate this blog to every one waiting on the list, alung with me. I know this support is magnificent and so I am using the support I have to support others. Payin it Forward. 

LYLT (love you lung time)


Ps – I think I’m getting a cold, oh no. On the bright side – Ellen DeGeneres surprised me, took my breath away and talked about Organ Donation on her show. Since then, Trillium has seen an increase in numbers - woohoo baby!! What a fantastic person Ellen is! She has an awesome team working with her, they must be so busy. We have been getting such encouraging positive messages but I really want to emphasize that it wouldn’t have happened without the support of everyone.

We’re all going to dance together when I am healthy and up and running ;)

That’s a promise

and Thank You Ellen DeGeneres, on behalf of the world