quick one


I am going to blog a few things.

I got a wheelchair, and it is bringing sexy back.

My Reeses are disappearing, and so is my memory. Thats never good, I keep accusing my mom of eating all the Reeses when really its just me... Haha just kidding. Guys, Reeses. They are Fantastic!

I want to thank my mom. She is the best support person I know (for me). She worked for The Ottawa Hospital 25 years as a Registered Nurse and was a clerk 2 years before that, when it comes to this stuff, could it get any better then that? She is my rock. Shes a great mom, my family is my rock. Without her (and my awesome dad) we wouldnt exist. She deserves an award. Mom, LYLT!

Taber, My Webmaster and Manager, who put this website together not really knowing what it would entail (none of us did!), but boy oh boy is he ever amazing, and every time I thank him, he is so humble, accepts no credit and gives it back to God. Wow. What a blessing he and his family have been. Thank you Taber, LYLT!

My great friend Kelly Logan, who put together the facebook Be An Organ Donor Group and took time out of her insanely busy scheduele to put together the videos we sent to raise awareness. It took her many sleepless nights, and she even took a road trip out to Toronto to make this awareness possible. Without her time, effort, selflessness and stamina, things would not have happened as they did. Thank you Kelly, LYLT!

OF course there are a milllion of other people I will mention and thank alung the way but for now, those are the 3 people and 1 comfort food I am mentionning today. But I still LYLT!