When I got that call about a week ago, a couple things went through my mind!

"Oh no! I haven't been able to blog about the gifts from my co-workers yet!" Then I thought "Man, I was supposed to make cupcakes this afternoon with one of my breathless sisters this afternoon!" (My friend from the transplant program) and last but not least, I thought  "Ah! I won't be able to go to the Hunger Games Premiere!"

It would have been a very valid reason to miss out on those opportunities. But the reality of waiting is you never know when it will happen until it happens. Even leading up to the very last moment. The surgery had been planned for 7am and at 6:58, the Dr. said 'Sorry Hélène, the surgery has been cancelled.’ I had been warned that they could cancel and immediately I knew it wasn't my time yet, they weren't the perfect match.

I felt sad, but not for myself. I was grieving with the family who had just lost someone. A ton of people were supporting our family during the False Alarm. Mauler from the Hot 89.9 Radio Station got his followers in Ottawa and many more to send us encouraging tweets all day. The encouragement and the gorgeous sunny day was the perfect reciepe to not feel down. Thank You Mauler!

When I first got the call, I called home to let the rest of the family know. The phone rang and rang and I kept planning what I would say 'Guys! I got the call'… But after about 20 attempts, there was still no pick up. We eventually had to ask someone to go over and ring the doorbell. It turns out our phones back home kick in to 'Night Mode' so they're quiet between 11 pm and 5am. Things are getting smarter and smarter; maybe a little too smart. I suggested they plug the old rotary phone in. When those suckers ring, they are always heard.

A week before the ‘false alarm’ call happened, my co-workers sent me absolutely amazing heartwarming gifts, which brought me back to where I was a year ago. Where was I? I was working. Working as a Part Time Clerk with The Ottawa Hospital, in The Dialysis and Nephrology Unit at The Riverside Campus. (Love You With All My Kidney) I was working, or as some say 'blizzin', at the busiest Dairy Queen in Barrhaven. (Missin Blizzin and Dipping Cones) And I was occasionally volunteering at Cedarview Alliance Church. (Tante Lisette - I’m Alive)

A huge chunk of our family's ‘rock solid supporters’ come from these three places. I am honored to have met with such amazing people on such a regular basis. I’ve been surrounded by a love from such a powerful family, who have made me who I am today.

From the long lasting loving family over at Cedarview Alliance, to the amazing staff at Good Old Dairy Queen Barrhaven to my many magnificent second-mothers who have managed to support my crazy mannerisms over at The Ottawa Hospital. I have always felt so supported and loved. I always had a reason to keep smiling, laughing and loving, and why would I ever stop.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the people you see every day really do make a big difference in who you are and how you handle things down the road. They help shape you into who you become. And just because you see them all the time doesnt mean you shouldnt stop and take the time to let them know how they have impacted you. Maybe it sounds silly but I wish I had done it more often!