It feels like yesterday

My name is Hélène and I was listed for a double lung transplant at Toronto General Hospital on January 21, 2012, and RECEIVED my gift of life on April 6th, 2012. Hard to believe that was a year ago!

Wow, time flies! and a whole lotta things have happened this year!!

These new lungs have given me a second chance to live and laugh with the ones I love. That includes you! People wonder how I manage to stay positive through these tough times, well, I believe there is  always a silver lining in every cloud and I have a lot of hope. I love life and am so thankful for what I have! :) the hope of everyone around me, and the endless blessings played a HUGE part in my journey for new "blowers" as my friend Jess would say. :)

People who know me well understand that I usually find the humour in things, and particularly in my health care.

I want to take this time to show some love and support and let you all know how grateful I am of all your endless LOVE! The support I’ve received has been overwhelming!

I think everyone should wear green for today (or whats left of today) because green is the color for organ donation! Tweet a pic of yourself in green with the hashtag #BeADonor and lets see how many greenies we can get!!! Wearing green is always a good thing, don't worry, your eyes will pop.

I wish to apologize for the lack of updates, but just take it as a sign that I have been busy busy and doing some great things that I was unable to do before; like jog!

I want to Thank everyone who’s contributed in some way towards my journey for new lungs and how you have continually followed up!! I am so ecstatic about life and I am loving the fact that I can dance the night away!

When you see me walking down the street, feel free to stop me and have a quick dance! The best thing we can do is spread love and hope to those around us. Organ Donation saves lives and I, along with THOUSANDS of others, have benefited of this gift of life.

If you aren't yet a donor, consider it ;) you can do it, register at and you can save lives like mine!

I would also like to take this time to thank my donor and their family. I know someone is morning the loss of a loved one, but know that I have breathed easier because you made such a selfless decision. I was able to witness my friend's wedding, dance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, spend Christmas with family. and watch my friends receive their precious gifts of life.

I am still so sad about my friends who passed away waiting to receive their gift. I will continue to remember them.

Keep an eye out for the launch of the Give2Live Campaign challenges coming your way!

I will always love you LUNG Time!

Thank you, for such  hope, love and life (and for allllll the Reese's AND BOOSTER JUICE!!)


It's what's inside that counts. Be an Organ Donor & Give Blood.