Unexpected Error

I just wrote a blogpost (my first one in like 3 years) it was all beautifully written and cute and poetic, and you know what happened? I lost it all.  

my app shut down. I got so frustrated. In fact I'm still feeling a little frustimagatesdss (I can't even type) - but I shouldn't be. You know, my main message has always been "react positively when unexpected things happen", so I'm trying to apply that to my technology glitch - mishap moment. 

I want you all to know that I am doing so so well! I have had my fare share of ups and downs since receiving my double lung transplant, but aren't I the luckiest Hélène Sage Campbell ever. 

So many incredible things have happened in these past few years, of course I can't write all of them out (you and I would be here for days) But in summary: 

  • Mary (my older sister) got married  
  • I moved out (I live alone and it's fun)
  • My parents got a kitten (I love her! Her name is "mittaines" she is fluffy and cute and I wish she was all mine - Of course I'm a little upset that they got a pet now that I don't live at home anymore but whatever) 
  • I'm dating this rock solid awesome guy, with a heart of gold. (Sorry, I had to, his name is Neil Young)
  • I'm trying to talk about organ donation as much as I can
  • Ellen makes me cry (I love her show) 
  • Justin Bieber's music still has me shaking my nonexistent booty! Is it too late now to say Sorry!?
  • So many great tv shows = thank you Netflix
  • I have consumed Reese's (more then any human should) 
  • Friends, Family, You know who you are, you know what this extra time has meant to me, and I never want to stop telling you how much I love you. 


So many incredible other things have happened, but I just want you all to know that Organ Donation works. I am breathing, loving and living because of it, and I am forever grateful to all of you who supported me! (Also, OTTAWA IS THE BEST CITY!) *opinions are my own but I am always right (haha jokes!)

Thank you feels so inadequate when it comes to addressing my donor family for the amazing gift they have given me. What an incredible gift I have received, Life.   

I love you all lung lung time!


me, being all rebellious sitting on a roof... Thanks Bruce for this photo

me, being all rebellious sitting on a roof... Thanks Bruce for this photo

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