up and up

Hey hey, are you ready for some good news?

Cuz it is all I've got. No complaints from me, at all. Things are still going so well. I have been walking everyday, getting stronger and faster. I did a pulmonary function test today and like the team said, it has improved. This morning's results were great, I have a pulmonary function of 1.7 Litres. We all thought I reached a plateau three weeks ago when I was blowing 1.5 L but guys, it went up again! I feel so great.

I've been keeping busy with physio and socializing. I had been doing so well they let me go home for thanksgiving. It was so nice to be able to spend time with the whole family minus David, who happens to be in Norway. I miss you Daves! Hope you're breathing in some of that fresh crisp air. 

If things continue to go well, I might be able to head home for Christmas.

What a gift this time has truly has been.