Double Double


Some of you may have already heard, but I’m starting to call myself a classic Canadian drink. The reason? we’ll, I’m a goof. I also love how it sounds and it’s a unique way of telling the world I have had two double lung transplants.. Because the first one wasn’t fun enough!

Things are going well and I’m feeling stronger and healthier than ever! I am looking forward to 2019, and can’t wait to get back to working as a motivational speaker, shower singer and kitchen dancer. I am also loving being a dog mom. I’m really bad at it, the training part, but I have perfected spoiling my creature. I love him with all my heart. This might sound savage but I like him more then some people. He keeps me active and gets me out of bed. Literally. He barks at me to get out of bed and pulls my pj shirt sleeves to get me up. What a punk.

Anyways, I just wanted to send a little love and post a photo of the fur child.

xo and all the best to you guys in 2019! Hope it’s a great year! Wanna year something gross? I graduated high school ten years ago. yuuuuck!

He is exactly like Eyore. 

He is exactly like Eyore.