Donor cards and giving blood

Hi everyone ...

It has been an eventful day, with Hélène's story appearing on the front page of the Metro Ottawa newspaper (click here for the online version of the newspaper story).

Canadian Blood Services contacted with this very relevant message ...


Hélène's story is very powerful and it's hard not to be moved by her family's courage.

There are three important messages for us all to consider:

  1. Each of us should take a minute to sign an organ and tissue donor card or whatever other mechanism is place to capture our personal wish in this regard.
  2. We should talk about the importance of organ and tissue donation and transplantation with our family, friends and colleagues. Without more discussions there will continue to be a shortage of organs and tissues, and waiting lists will get longer.
  3. Organ transplants often use large amounts of blood products. If you want to help patients like Hélène, and are eligible, make an appointment to donate blood.



Trillium Gift of Life (Ontario, Canada)

Canadian Blood Services


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