Wow, time flies when you are having fun. It honestly feels like a month went by since I posted that blog entry.

I have lost all track of time. I haven’t updated my calendar yet. My whiteboard still says it December. I won’t bore you with a day-by-day summary of “what I have been up to” but I am proud to announce that since that last blog entry I found my cell phone. It was in the couch. I always seem to lose my phone right after putting it on silent. If you try and silence something that likes being loud, its feelings will get hurt, and it might run away. True Story.

Boy oh boy, confessions with Helene… Without a schedule to follow and deadlines to meet I find myself falling so far behind in my list of personal MUST DO’S BEFORE I HIT THE RAOD, JACK. I am hiring my parents to make me a ‘life at home’ schedule because I need one. Real bad.

I had a lovely 3 week holiday, it was busy (in a good way), but its over now.  I need to get back to a structured kind of busy. I could accomplish more in a day when I was working 12 hour shifts. I need to get back into the habit of waking up early, going to bed early (not the 2 am kind of early) and doing my exercises. I will try and explain my exercises another day.

I have been so busy with the hum and drum of the holidays that I have not had the time to think about “el phone call” - the one from the transplant team in Toronto. I am aware that I could get a call at any minute and I know that I might have to say ‘goodnight’ and go, but that’s not keeping me from living in the moment here.

Today I went to CBC Radio Canada’s studio and did an interview for an episode of “C’est Ça La Vie” with an amazing team of people. I had a blast, got my make up done (I felt young and beautiful again, the lipstick smelt like vanilla). It was such an awesome experience, and it was in French. I got to speak with Marcia (the interviewer) after the show and it was so encouraging to speak with her. She mentioned how being positive is encouraging. People can’t control their sickness but they can control how they react to sickness and that’s what makes all the difference. She supa right!

I have not really had the time to worry or wonder about Toronto because I have been laughing like a silly goose. I mean it. Between family and friends and Ellen Degeneres I am a laughee mcgee. I am reading Ellen DeGeneres’s book “Seriously…I’m Kidding” and I can’t stop nodding my head, thinking to myself “Ellen, I think that too!” and laughing. I picture Dori from Finding Nemo whenever I read it. (pixar you should have made a sequel).

Anyways, gotta run, Spanish class starts in 4 minutes! hasta pronto,


ALSO, if you have a minute check out the wonderful song a girl I went to highschool with in grade 8 wrote for  me. I didn't have classes with her but I would occasionally spend lunch with her and would talk to her when passing her in the hallways. She wanted to help so she wrote a song and its on iTunes and she has asked that all the proceeds go to a lung story. I dont want to promote it for my proceeds, I want to promote it because I want to pay it forward. How awesome and generous is it of her? She has talent and her heart is awesome. That stuff inspires me! Laura, You rock!