Hello From TO

The goodness chart

55 Reese cups x 51 grams  (2805)    

26 Reese bars x 120 grams= (3120)

2 Reese Cups king size x 68 grams= (136)

2 Reese Big Cup bars x 79 grams= (158)

1 Pack of Reese Hearts x 161 grams = (161)

1 Pack of Reese Minis x 43 grams= (43)

1 Reeses Pieces x 260 grams= (260)

total of 88 bars

6680 grams of reeses peanut butter cups

That gives me 14.726879 pounds of reeses peanut butter cups material


Wow guys, that’s a lot of peanut butter cups for the average person to consume. It’s a good thing that I am no average person. I will have you know, these cups will be gone in no time… OK, easier said then done. If my donor has a nut allergy I will develop it post transplant. Interesting stuff huh? That’s my bit of information/fact of the day.

Thank you so much for everything to everyone back in Ottawa. I miss you all so very much. 

So, a lot has happened since my last blog eh.

I went from living in a city of Sens fans to the city with the most Sens haters.  Don’t worry; I’ll be repping the 613 in the 416 ;)

I went from living in a suburban home in farrrrhaven, with a family of six, to being an only child with my wonderful mother as my support person in an apartment located downtown Toronto, while the rest of the Campbell Clan carries out their lives at home.

I will have to find new New York Giants Football fans to watch football games with and it is looking like I might be skyped in for a Super Bowl Party.

I will be missing my sister’s high school graduation (maybe they can skype me in for that too…) and I will most likely miss my friends wedding. This kind of stuff happens, we can’t control everything in life even though we wish we could.

I get to discover Toronto and will be riding the subway from one end to the other. TTC + HC = T2HC2 = An Adventure1/2

Who knows what I will find when I get back to Ottawa, maybe my family will have a dog that barks to make up for the lack of noise now that I am gone, and I hope to find a Jacuzzi in my backyard. (Hint hint)

We launched a campaign that was successful. We teamed up and asked Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to help us out by tweeting #BeAnOrganDonor to help us raise awareness about Organ Donation. Something I suggested on the #BeAnOrganDonor facebook group a friend of mine started. I got a positive response from people among the group. My friend Kelly Logan thought the best way to spread my idea of collectively bombarding the star with tweets asking him to raise awareness about being an organ donor and giving blood would be to make a video. She was right, since the video was posted Tuesday, it has been viewed over 24 000 times. The word spread like peanut butter and people rallied together and we got a response.

 Online registrations went up over 600% on Thursday – before Justin Tweeted!

We accomplished what we were looking to accomplish but it does not end here. It is the beginning. It’s been like throwing rocks into a calm pond. Throwing one rock creates ripples and that’s kind of what happened. Someone messaged me this and I was encouraged “… My little cousins (biggest bieber fans) are freaking out and telling all their friends about organ donations!”

This is the kind of response we wanted. Guys, we did it. As a team, we used social media, put it into use and for a good cause. I am sorry to those who got in trouble with their teachers in school or approached by your bosses at work for being on your phone, but it paid off.

I am settled in Toronto, unpacked the last box of things today, the Box Of Reeses. I already ate one, so I will have to make adjustments to ‘The Goodness Chart’.

I have already said Home referring to the apartment and am sleeping better here then I have been in Ottawa. I was not sleeping well for the longest time. It feels good to sleep, let me tell ya.

I am almost done Ellen DeGeneres’s book for the 16th time… Ha-ha, just kidding, more like for the 8th time.

I miss the drop-ins and having to hear “this is a long distance call” every time I call someone like my grandma just to say Hello reminds me that I am four hours away from home.

Miss you Ottawans, especially Mary, David, Elizabeth and Alan.



And in the words of Canadian Pop Star Justin Bieber, who is now following me on twitter, and for whom I wish to thank for helping us out,

Never Say Never


*quantities stated above in “The Goodness Chart” may now be different due to ongoing consumption *